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Jessica Simpson - Do You Know
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

It has been a while since I have heard an album that, as a whole, was quite as inspirational as Jessica Simpson’s new release, Do You Know. There were several features on this CD, which I thoroughly enjoyed while listening to this album. The first surprise was that Simpson co-wrote almost every song included in the collection.

Simpson’s debut country single is the first song on the album. “Come On Over” is a great, catchy tune that not only describes Simpson’s life these days, but also showcases the country style that has been hiding deep down in her voice for years.

“Remember That,” written by Rachel Proctor (“Me and Emily”) and Victoria Banks (“Saints and Angels”) is a prodigious song about standing up for oneself in an abusive relationship. I also found it interesting that Proctor and Banks co-wrote “Come On Over” with Simpson as well.

On the days that everything seems to go wrong, don’t be afraid to ‘Pray Out Loud’ and dig deep into the day’s occurrences so you can see that, in one way or another, “every day is ‘Still Beautiful.’” These are just two inspirational songs on the album that intend to remind listeners that life is full of ups and downs, but there is always a reason to smile.

Simpson included a number of love songs in the collection, most of which are lively and have an affirmative overall feel. “Still Don’t Stop Me,” however, is not one of them. For those of you who know you should get over someone but simply cannot find the willpower to do so, “Still Don’t Stop Me” and “When I Loved You Like That” are perfect for you.

We have all had stupid fights with loved ones that we knew we would resolve eventually. Rather than fighting, Simpson says “[we] Might As Well Be Making Love.” Two of my favorite lines from the song are as follows:

If the morning’s gonna turn it into history...
Be a page of words we wished we’d never said”

Along the same lines is “Man Enough,” which finds Simpson confessing her affection, yet questioning a man’s strength in a relationship.

If “You’re My Sunday” is any indication of reality, Simpson is certainly happy in the relationship she is in with Tony Romo. In the “thank you” section of the CD insert, Simpson thanks him, referring to him as “My Sunday.”

She sounds incredible on “Do You Know,” which she sings with the writer, the incredible, infamous Dolly Parton.

In her website biography, Simpson said “I think to be able to sing country music honestly, you have to experience life. There is so much honesty in the music, and if you are not honest, the fans will know it. Fans are the absolute lifeblood of country music, and they won’t respond to you unless they believe you.”

I have always heard that Simpson has been a country girl at heart throughout her entire life; she proved that recently by releasing her debut country album. Although previous fans were unsure about Simpson recording a country album, I can’t imagine that too many of them are disappointed. Simpson has proven her own philosophy; if you have lived it, you can sing about it sincerely, pleasing old and new fans alike.

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