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John Carter Cash
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Although it seems as if it should be required to know a lot about Johnny Cash in order to be a music journalist, I will admit I didn’t know a whole lot about him when I started writing country music reviews. However, when I read Anchored In Love, the story of June Carter’s life the way it was seen through the eyes of her son, I was immediately inspired to learn more about the Carter family and Johnny Cash. I began paying more attention when friends talked about Johnny Cash; I saw his old house in Hendersonville, TN and eventually was granted the opportunity to meet his son John Carter Cash, an exceptionally talented author, songwriter, musician, producer and father.

I have met a lot of talented people who are involved in the music business, but John Carter Cash is certainly one of the most well rounded musicians I have ever met without guessing I’d ever have the chance. He has produced albums for his parents (who aren’t just anybody, remember), written a book about his mother’s influential life and is raising three beautiful children with his incredibly gifted fiddle playing wife Laura. He enjoys panning for gold with his son, fishing, hiking, hunting, and has a passion not only for writing songs and biographical books such as Anchored In Love, but also for writing children’s books.

John Carter produced the tribute CD to June Carter, also titled Anchored In Love. Years ago, he worked under Rick Rubin as the Associate Producer on a few of his father’s albums; he was the co-producer on several albums for other recognized singers including Badlands by Marty Stuart and producer on his mother’s album, Wildwood Flower, which won a Grammy in 2003. Because he is the manager and owner of Cash Cabin Studio, which was built in 1979, Carter has found that the list of albums he has produced grows frequently.

Chances are that Carter’s love for music began before he was even born. Throughout his early childhood his passion developed, starting with the first guitar he ever picked up, which was most likely one of his father’s. Touring with his parents as a child most likely influenced his inspiration to play local shows with his rock band in high school. Carter’s children, Jack Ezra, Anna Maybelle and Joseph John have also shown a liking toward music. Although Jack is too young, the other two have shown an interest in piano and singing.

For inspiration Carter leans toward time spent in the house in Virginia where his mother grew up. His family visits there frequently and he loves the atmosphere. “It’s a haven for me,” he said. “It’s a spirit of the heart; it’s a quiet place for peace and family. It’s a great place to go for writing.”

John Carter does not dwell on the past, nor does he think back too much on his accomplishments. “Where I am right now is the most important,” he said. No matter how many awards he has won in the past for work he has done, he stays focused on the present and what he must do to continue to thrive.

He has the skills to produce CDs and movies, he can play the guitar and sing, and the most well-known association with John Carter Cash’s life is that he is the sole son of Johnny and June. He has worked hard to create an identity for himself while still showing great respect for his parents and their enormous legacy. Carter has shown that music is very important to him; however, he said “music is secondary,” after revealing that he wishes to be remembered foremost as a good father.

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