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Justin Honaman - Saturday In The South  
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Good deeds never go unnoticed.

Country newcomer Justin Honaman has a dual purpose in life. He wants to make country music. He also wants to assist less fortunate people, in particular kids. The answer was to record a country album, donating 40% of royalties to a worthwhile cause. The benevolent full time Coca-Cola exec and part-time country crooner has done just that. Out with his debut, Saturday In The South! sales will bring smiles to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (Makin' Magic Happen For Kids Benefit).

The good-hearted benefactor has backed up his ideals with a cutting album of radio friendly tunes and ballads, described in his bio as pop country. Call it what you will – it's good fare. Unlike so many wannabees, Honaman hasn't relied on hype, hats or buckles to sell his image; he's placed his trust firmly in the music. There's no mopey tales of lumber yards and railway tracks, what's here is best tagged new country. 

The first album cut is “Someone Is Missing Her”. It's a hook-driven easy–on-the-ear melody that, like all new music from new artists, if given radio spins could be a chart placement. The voice is country, the sound smooth, and the playing comes pushed along by some of Nashville's polished session players. This is a neat first up effort, further proved with cuts like the memory tainted “Longneck Story Short” and the fiddle lead “Nowhere Fast”. The Neil Thrasher (who remembers Thrasher Shiver?) co-write with Michael Dulane and Bob Regan “When The Needle Hit The Vinyl” – a Down Under hit for Aussie Adam Brand – is a standout toe tapper, and the self-written football ode “Saturday In The South” confirms potential.

Overall this is a pleasing effort. Here at CSO we liked what we heard, so please support the children and give some thought to buying this album. 

Good deeds never go unnoticed.

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