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Katie Armiger - Believe
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Although Katie Armiger is only seventeen years old, she has recently released her second album, which is overflowing with songs that portray her strong vocal ability as well as her incredible talent as a songwriter. Armiger is proud to admit that, with a little help from the decision to begin taking guitar lessons not too long ago, she wrote all but one song on the album. The only one that she did not write, “Unseen,” is her new single. Armiger claims that it was love at first listen. “I was going to write all of the songs for my new album until I heard ‘Unseen,’” she said. “I had to go to the studio immediately to record it.”

Every song on this album is clever and well thought out. Armiger’s sophomore album explodes from the start with a powerful tune called “Jealousy.” Not only are the lyrics straightforward and blunt, but beginning with the first note, the excellent guitar licks contribute to the strength of this song.

Armiger has come a long way since her debut album, yet has not strayed away from her own unique style. Her first single, “17 In Abilene,” as well as “Make Me Believe,” were previously released as singles, and one is included on this album. “Make Me Believe” fits right in, even though it was released before this CD was introduced to the collections of many country music fans. Armiger wrote both of these aforementioned singles with her good friend Ashlee Hewitt, who recently left Nashville Star after making it to the top five.

Armiger teamed up with Rebecca Lynn Howard on “Break Yours First,” a witty tune which was very well-written. “No one likes to be the one dumped so Rebecca and I thought we would write a song about making sure you were the dumpee,” Armiger said. “It’s a really fun song and Rebecca was amazing to work with.”

“Movin On,” about breaking up with a loved one, and “Wash Away,” a song about hardship, were also written with Ashlee Hewitt but Armiger penned two ballads, “Bleed” and “Gone,” on her own. “Bleed,” which was produced by Hewitt, pulls the listener in immediately.

“There’s only so much of a person
That you can take apart
And you’ve already shattered me
I’m not even left with my heart
And I’m dying on your doorstep
And you’re watching me crawl
And I don’t want to be caught here where it’s never your fault”

A shady guy is caught in the mess that he created in “Trail of Lies,” which Armiger co-wrote with two songwriting rookies, Lisa McCollum and Quinn Loggins. By listening to the song, one would never know they had never done this before. The ballad, which these three individuals created, is one that anyone going through a situation similar to this, would enjoy hearing.

Armiger’s producer, Jonathan Lawson, shared his talent on “The Road Is Calling” and “Jealousy.” Not only did he produce these two (and all except three others), but he co-wrote them with Armiger and offered his vocal talent on them as well.

In her website biography, Armiger mentions the title of this album, Believe, and why she chose to name it as such. “I have learned so much over the last year and one of the most important things I’ve learned is that you just have to believe in yourself,” she said. “It’s been an unbelievable year filled with so many challenges and through those challenges I continue to learn more about myself, especially as an artist. This album speaks to those challenges in a way that I hope listeners can relate.”

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