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Lost Trailers - Holler Back
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

The history of the Lost Trailers began years ago when Ryder Lee and Stokes Nielson met in a church band. Realizing that they each had their hearts set on making music, they formed a band and called it “Ryder Stokes.” The two boys convinced a friend, Jeff Potter, to play drums, recruited Stokes’ younger brother to play bass guitar, and were on their way to success, whether they knew it or not. After shifting Stokes’ younger brother Andrew from bass guitar to keyboard and harmonica, as well as adding Manny Medina on bass, the band was complete and ready to tour.

Eventually, Willie Nelson discovered them while they were playing out on the road; he was greatly impressed with the talent and energy put into their live show. One thing led to another, and in what may or may not have seemed like a short time, they graduated from a van to a bus, changed their band name and learned everything about each other.

Realizing the importance of pleasing fans, they decided it was time to record an album. After taking six months off from touring to create their debut album with SONY, the band has a product that they are happy with. “We poured all of that energy that would have gone into performing live, and put it on this record,” Lee said. “Everything we have done for the last seven years has led to this record."

Holler Back includes ten songs that define who these guys are. Several of the songs were written by Stokes; a few were co-written with Ryder, and some others just captured their hearts and found their way to this album one way or another.

One very powerful song on the album is “How Bout You Don’t,” written by Stokes, Vicky McGehee and Jeremy Stover. Musicians know that balancing life on the road and life at home is extremely difficult. “This song is about never giving up on true love,” Stokes said on the band’s website. “For me, this is Ryder Lee’s greatest vocal performance ever. I’ve been listening to Ryder sing since high school, but I’ve never heard him like this.”

“Holler Back,” the band’s first single off the album, is “a fun song that captures the element of our live show which is really important to us,” according to the lead vocalist.

Two of my favorite songs on the album are “Country Folks,” co-written by band mates Stokes and Ryder, and “Blacktop Road,” written by Brett Beavers, John Bettis and Ryan Tyndell. The inspirational “Blacktop Road” not only carries a motivational message but also has a catchy melody, like the rest of the songs on Holler Back.

Every country album needs reminiscent songs similar to “Things You Don’t Grow Out Of” and “Summer Of Love,” about growing up and falling in love for the first time.

When they heard “The Rest of Us” for the first time, The Lost Trailers were especially impressed with the chorus of this song, and believe that it demonstrates Potter at his best, while “All This Love” illustrates Ryder at his.

“Gravy,” written by Stokes, is one way for the band to thank Willie Nelson for all he has done for them. Written about an issue close to Nelson’s heart, Stokes said “This is our ode to the man who discovered us and gave us our first shot.”

Every person involved in the music business knows that the phrase “put in your dues” is often heard in Nashville. The Lost Trailers have certainly done that by performing, writing songs and creating a loyal fan base over the past seven years. They have worked hard to get to this point, and they seem to be loving every minute of it.

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