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Megan Linville’s December Concert at The French Quarter Café
y: Christina Struck - CSO Contributing Journalist
Photos by: Brianna Nightingale

I first heard Megan Linville when a friend suggested that I check out her Myspace page. Having fallen in love with previous artists that she found, I checked out Linville’s page immediately. Sure enough, halfway through the first song I found myself thinking that a voice with this much strength deserves to be on the radio for everyone to enjoy.

In December, Linville put on a power-packed show in front of a full house at The French Quarter Café in Nashville. She performed six of her own original tracks and a few others including “Homespun” by Shevy Smith. According to Linville, her latest tune called “Nashville Anthem,” which she performed at the show, “makes you want to leave the worries of the week behind; call up your closest friends and haul it out to the country for a weekend of four wheeling and horse back riding all day and cooking out and singing around the fire all night.”

Songs like “Nashville Anthem” demonstrate how Linville’s determination makes her a role model, especially for three of her youngest fans. The three girls, who joined her on stage while she performed “Famous in a Small Town,” treasured every minute.

Linville finished her concert with “Deep in Dixie,” a profound tune written by her grandfather, the main inspiration and drive to continue her music career. The songs he wrote during his lifetime have greatly inspired her participation in many events such as talent shows, wedding solos, musicals, plays and piano recitals.

Not only does the maturity in her voice give credibility to her songs about relationships and separation, but for being only nineteen years old, Linville has already accomplished so much. She is working incredibly hard at making her dream come true; with her combined passion, talent and supporters, Linville is definitely on her way to success.

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