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Melonie Cannon - And The Wheels Turn
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

And The Wheels Turn is the second recording made by Melonie Cannon, daughter of Nashville Producer, Buddy Cannon. Her first CD opened up a lot of ears a couple of years ago.

Canon's voice reminds me a lot of Allison Krauss with more of a country accent. Cannon has her own nuances and pours out emotion into each song.

"Cactus In A Coffee Can" could easily be a hit if it was played on country radio. This is a beautiful song penned by Allen Shamblen, it had been sitting in Buddy Cannon's "A" song folder for a long time. This oddly named song is a masterpiece of beautiful melodies, hooks with just some killer lyrics. I cried the first time that I heard it.

Very few artists can push my buttons and hit that inner spot. Cannon blew me away with her rendition of "Whiskey Lullabye" on her self-titled debut CD which came out in 2004.

It is hard to go into detail about each song on this disc. "Send A Little Love" (Bowman, Sherrill), is a beautiful emotive prayer to God to send a little love our way. So Sweet!

I gave up trying to become a successful writer long ago, what I have been blessed with is artists and their publicists like this, who know that when release time comes, I'll get that disc and that is special. Special music is very hard to find today. Like, I'm thinking that it's about time to hear from Mindy Smith's folks, yep, about that time.

I must say and be grateful for Rural Rhythm Records, they are fast becoming one of the hottest Bluegrass labels period. I like how they have split up between traditional bluegrass and more contemporary bluegrass like this. Yeah, I love this stuff. When my two favorite labels downsized, Vanguard and Sugar Hill, I wondered would step up, then Rural Rhythm came steamin' along, Love You Guys.

This next song kinda did me in, ever hear a song that was like about what you were goin' thru. "The Day Before You"(Narmore, Rose, Brokop) has a special meaning for me. What a sad yet happy song about giving up love and then finding it. Randy Kohr's Dobro does me in here.

This is also special for Cannon because her Daddy sings it with her.  

Well, a few more words and I hope that you get your copy soon.

"Back To Earth" (Nelson) - Cannon and Willie Nelson sound like Angels on this one, how does Willie keep it up. They sound so good together. Yeah, and Willies' beautiful guitar playing. I have had this CD about two weeks and it keeps getting better with each listen. Buddy Cannon does such an excellent job of producing it, so many guest musicians and vocalists. It just doesn't get much better. 

Melonie Cannon and Carrie Hassler are the two hottest bluegrass singers on the scene right now. Well, see ya next time. got a little surprise for ya.

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