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Phil Christie - Rearview Mirror
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Me and my guitar
Make it through a thousand rainy days
Always knew a song could turn the greys
into sunshine…
Me and my guitar
Don’t do it for the fortune or the fame
If I never made myself a name
We’d be just fine.”
“Me And My Guitar”

~Phil Christie Rearview Mirror

If you like your music richly mellow, flavored just right with equal doses of Americana and Folk, then Phil Christie, a Neil Diamond similar-sounder, is worth a listen. Blessed with a smooth, easy and clear tone, this Canadian is out with his latest, Rearview Mirror.

On an album filled with anchored emotion, Christie is the guy you play at night, late at night, when the candle flickers and the wine is working, when thoughts run and race -- when music does its best work. The multi-talented Christie – he draws major duty by producing, playing and writing here –has pulled together an album that’s not going to appeal to the hats and buckle crowd; rather, if you lean towards middle-of-the-road country that’s easy and melodic to the ear, this is for you.

Opening with the title track, a song that looks into life, love and loss from a backward glance, Christie moves through his album of soft ballads and reflective thoughts with easy style, backed by a band of seasoned musicians. Among the sound-makers are some noted names such as Doug Lancio (Gretchen Peters and Patty Griffin) on guitar and Barry Walsh (Gretchen Peters) on piano.

Tracks like the parochial “Montreal”, the powerful reverence of attachment heard on ‘Echo,” the up-tempo invitation to a freedom walk from love, “You Got It” and the sad rewards for love’s inattention, “Otherwise Engaged,” all reveal a singer/songwriter with depth, passion and talent.

With a warm and melodic voice, easy-on-the-ear tunes, all wrapped in fine musicianship, this, as mentioned, won’t race off the shelves clutched in the hands of some Toby Keith or Jewel fan. However, it will find an audience with those who appreciate late nights, the glow of a romantic candle and good wine.

The album on Lauret River Music, Phil Christie’s own label, is out now.


To order your copy, click here!

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