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Scarlet Kings - self-titled debut album
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Every song from the Scarlet Kings is a treat, especially for someone like myself who primarily listens to the melodies in songs. This is a group that is unique, but in such a way that they draw in listeners, leaving them feeling completely satisfied and impressed.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this exceptional group, I will mention that they began when the sons of Carl Edmonson, producer/musician, decided to start a band. When Josh and Dan Edmonson, a guitarist and a drummer, met Aaron Patrick and recruited him as lead singer, the music began to come together. The group later added Patrick Martin on bass and Mark Evitts on fiddle and guitar.

While in the studio, with a few additions by some talented musicians, Tim May, Tom Bentley and Dean Holman, the songs that Scarlet Kings had chosen for their debut album came together flawlessly.

“Anchorman” is my personal favorite on the album, probably because it’s the most upbeat, entertaining song of the bunch. It creates a whole new perspective for a happy love song. I also love that Aaron Patrick plays harmonica on the track. Singing and playing harmonica in one song, now that takes talent (and a whole lot of air!); take a second and admire the instrumentals, especially at the end of this one.

Unless it was a great tune on piano, no other instrumental song has ever drawn me in the way “Viology” did on this album. “Viology” encompasses sounds from several instruments, beginning with some incredible fiddle, leading to piano, and including everything in between.

Those who have ears that love a delicate voice combined with a beautiful piano melody will love “Consider This,” a song which showcases Patrick’s voice magnificently. Every bit of “Don’t Turn Around” and “Love and Reason,” two great upbeat songs on the album, is great as well. “Hold the Line” and “Never Will,” which slow it down slightly, captured my attention the first time around thanks to their strong messages and striking melodies.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than their album, I was invited to see them perform live at the House of Blues in Chicago. If there is one country/rock band that can really rock, it’s The Scarlet Kings. The energy this band shows on stage is incredible; it is like nothing I have ever seen before. Patrick surprises the crowd with his talent (and apparently large lung capacity) on harmonica while Mark Evitts and the rest of the band demonstrate their superiority as musicians.

Songs by the Scarlet Kings are now available on iTunes, and they have a wonderful, easy to navigate MySpace page as well. Not only are they incredibly talented artists, performers and songwriters, but they are also one of the friendliest bands I have ever met. Be sure to check these guys out immediately.

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