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Trent Willmon - Broken In  
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella CSO Staff Journalist 

Trent Willmon is here to prove with the release of his new CD, Broken In with Compadre Records, that he's not only the "Beer Man," or just another pretty face, He's all that and much much more. He's a true blue cowboy with a huge heart for not only country music, but also for barbecuing, roping, singing and writing amazing songs. This talented country singer amazes us once again with another great release. And just when I thought he couldn't get any better. I read this on one of Trentís interviews and loved it: "Trent Willmon has more irons in the fire than a six-armed cowboy at brandiní time." Boy is that true, Not only has he been busy with the release this new CD, he also had a hand in redecorating his house with Wrangler. (Check out Wranglerhome.com) This cowboy has talent beyond belief, heís good at every single thing he gets his hands on. He has a Cook Book out that gives insight to his amazing barbecuing, heís shown us he can write some pretty darn good songs, in which other artists have put out on their CDís, he can ride a horse like no bodies business, he can decorate a home, and also sing the heck out of a song.

One of my favorites on this CD is: "There Is A God." What an amazing song, the verse that really caught my attention was; 

"Stop and think about, what you don't understand, Things like life and love, and how the world began, Hear the doctor say he can't explain it, 
but the cancer is gone. There is a God

Then of course there is the title track: "Broken In" and another "How A Cowboy Lives." Two amazingly written songs. Songs about how cowboys live their lives and how they aren't broken, just broken in. "It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You" is another personal favorite of mine, I heard this song a while ago by a couple other artists Wade Hayes and Mark McClurg and they sang it beautifully. Itís about a relationship that has had some hard times and just because he doesn't say the right things or forgets things like; 

"When I forget a goodbye kiss, When you feel last on my list, For the hundredth time. It doesn't Mean I Donít Love You"

On this project Willmon shows off his versatility as not only a singer but also as a song writer. Throughout this album you will feel the emotions on all twelve tracks on Broken In. Some that have a strong country sound, some awesome ballads and some with a little bit of a rockiní edge (which Trent is amazing with - you need to hear him and his band do "Devil Went Down To Georgia" sometime - simply amazing.)

I met Trent a few years ago and was one of the fortunate people to Cruise with he and a few other talented artists to Progresso, Mexico. I had the time of my life and met some amazing people, some of them being Trent Willmon fans. These people are awesome, Trent should be proud of his fans, they really love and support he and his music. Try and catch TW in concert, you won't be disappointed, he is now on tour with Mark Wills, Ray Scott, and Buddy Jewell. Itís called the HonkyTonk Tailgate Party Tour 2008. Also don't miss Willmonís videos "There Is A God" and "Broken In". He took time off of filming a movie Palo Pinto Gold (see, he has his hands in acting as well) to make the music video "Broken In." Both videos are well done and worth watching. Like I said; not only is he a great cowboy, heís not bad to look at either. If you are already a Willmon fan, don't hesitate to go out and support him by buying this CD, If you aren't a Willmon fan, go out and get the CD anyway, you'll be a fan once you listen to this artists incredible voice. 

If you want to spend a few days with this artist, check out www.travelininc.com , for his 2nd annual Hide-Away Beach Party coming up in October, and Ms. Nancy at Traveliní, Inc. Has lots of fun and exciting things planned, Even Storme Warren of Country Music Across America will be there, you won't want to miss it!

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