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Alana Levandoski - Lions And Werewolves
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Alana Levandoski did her first CD a couple of years ago called Unsettled Down, as I remember it, it had more of an acoustic sound, but it was a very good debut CD. Levandoski's second CD has a more eclectic mix, with a couple of hard rockers starting it out. Then it settles into a more eclectic mix of acoustic/electric songs that are produced very well by Ken Nelson. It is definitely an upgrade from her first CD, very clean and professional sounding, very creative.

I also love the artwork, a simple drawing of her face on the front of a digipak type of CD packaging. Plus, there is a nice booklet with pics, and lyrics and more info. Besides singing, Alana plays guitar and piano. Murray Pulver plays electric guitar. This guy is a master on the guitar, plays some amazing fades and gets great tone. I love how you can hear the acoustic guitar in the mix, very natural sounding. Milos Nelson plays some good bass and Eric Paul is on the drums.

Part of the record was recorded in an old church ,while the rest was finished in a studio in Liverpool. Levandoski's vocals are much improved from her first CD. The focus of the mix and the stereo field is just right. Levandoski was there to help out with the mixing at a studio in Liverpool.

"Thine The Glory", I love this sparse gospel ballad. There is a sermon in my cup of coffee and He only has vinegar to drink.

"Crashed Car/Morning Star" is a mid tempo ballad, with some great Pulver guitar leads, this song starts out with just the drums.

"Song For a Cougar", a slow acoustic ballad with the drums and bass coming in on the second verse. Pulver plays one one of the best guitar breaks that I have ever heard here. Levandoskis' vocals have a sweet quality to them.

"Mercy" is a mid tempo song with an edge, some fuzz on the lead guitar. Sweet harmonies inhabit this tune.

"What Brought You Down" is a very emotive ballad that cannot be ignored, lots more great guitar by Pulver. The vocals are great on this song. There seems to be a theme running through the record, which I only notice after many listens. It starts out with two hard rock songs, then a bunch of acoustic/electric songs with an alt/country sound to them. Sounds like a bit of Kathleen Edwards influence.

Then the album ends with a couple of spiritual songs. Most of the songs on this CD were written by Levandoski.

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