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Angela Siracusa - Drawn To The Flame
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Angela Siracusa is a new talent, one who has grabbed this reviewer’s ear. With the surge of music hitting the CSO Central desk daily, it’s easy to overlook the new for the established. That was nearly the case here. My eyes (and eventually my ears) locked on, however, to one song, a remembered classic.

Magnet And Steel” was, to the best of my foggy memory, a powered ballad that staked its pop roots way back when. The 70s classic enjoys a reworking here. With just an easy hint of country, the song comes performed as a duet with the original hit maker, Walter Egan. Not overstated or underplayed, the song is a standout cut. It’s one sure to have baby-boomers remembering and a younger audience appreciative. It’s a good song choice.

That’s one of the winning points on this Canadian’s album: the song choices are an even blend of dance floor invites and stay-at-home and mope weepers.

Better Men Have Tried” opens the album. With a tempered countrified voice, Siracusa fires with pop bounce and energy. Hitting the target with a tale of female independence, the track is pure Saturday night jukebox. Another signpost to the hardwood floor comes with the Deborah Harry classic, “Call Me” – proving that everything and anything is, if handled right, a country possibility.

Similar pop/country offerings play out with the edgy “Hardly Heartbroke,” the remembered Patty Loveless hit “Timber I’m Falling In Love,” and the chorus-backed “Gimme Something To Dance To”.

Calmer moods prevail, and perfectly, on the ballads. The fiddle-etched “Drawn To The Flame” offers emotional anchors while highlighting Siracuse’s sensitivity and lyrical approval for Walter Egan’s co-write (Andy West). “It’s Not About Love” pulls on the heart valve, telling of deeper, stronger bonds; the song (Essra Mohawk/Michael O’Connor) is raw, honest and reflective. The Siracusa co-write with MaryLynne Stella, “Train Rides”, likewise finds his mark with a textured and stylish voice.

If curiosity draws you like a magnet to steel, check out Angela Siracusa and her “Better Men Have Tried” video. It’s playing now at www.angelasiracusa.com.

The album is also available now.

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