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The Best Of 2008
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, CSO Senior Staff Journalist

To sum up this past year through a drugged haze from a hospital bed is a real challenge, but I have to say that Joe Nichols is still the best there is and one of the most underrated entertainers in any genre of music. But the most outstanding album of this past year came from Willie Nelson and he says it best, "I'm so glad I got to dance with (all) of you for a Moment Of Forever." As for who to watch in this coming year; no-brainer... Megan Linville, Billie Jo Ferguson and Carl Ray, and Crystal Sands.

Much love,
Keepin it country and keepin' the faith,

Editors Note: One of the most wonderful, courageous and beautiful souls on planet Earth, Cheryl Harvey Hill, is in need of your prayers right now. But even though she is not well and in a hospital bed, and I would have never asked her to send in her "Best Of" because of that fact... she couldn't stand it. She had to jot down a few words about the year that was. And I'm very happy she did, our year end wrap-up just wouldn't be the same without Cheryl Harvey Hill's input.

When you have a chance, please send her a note of thanks and get well wishes on her myspace page or through her email address here.


Jim Weaver
CSO Editor-in-Cheif


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