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BrokeDown Cadillac - Somewhere In America
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Staff Journalist  

BrokeDown Cadillac is a new duo that consists of Corri English and Randy Dunham. They crossed paths when English stopped in at a club in LA where Dunham's band was playing. After a couple of drinks, English stepped up to the stage to sing a cover song from Pink and the seed was sown for the future. After his then partner left to pursue other interests, he contacted English and asked her to join him. She accepted and BrokeDown Cadillac was formed. While their backgrounds are diverse, they discovered a mutual love of country music and began working on writing material for an original country album. Somewhere in America is the result of those efforts and each song on it offers a piece of American life.

Along with putting together a new album, BrokeDown Cadillac was also chosen to appear in the Disney film, "Race to Witch Mountain." They are included in a performance sequence of the film playing in a honky-tonk bar and five of their songs were used in the movie. Two songs were chosen to be on the movie soundtrack.

Somewhere in America is an album with a very well thought out lineup of songs. The theme of the album is life in America, and they did a good job of choosing songs that portray the varied world of the average American citizen.

"BrokeDown Cadillac" is that favorite car that you keep nursing along, can't really rely on, but really don't want to get rid of for sentimental reasons.

"Scarlet O'Hara (Ghost of Dixie)" is an up-tempo tune about a lady who lives life to the fullest and walks the path of her choice with no one to answer to but herself.

"Last Picture Show" is all about small town life.

"The Breakers" offers a look at a woman who falls for the wrong guy and the events that lead to a very final choice for her.

The last song on the album is a ballad called "Love Walks On," and closes it all down with the promises that love is there for those who are patient enough to wait and willing to make it work.

All in all, it's not a bad album. While it didn't reach out and grab me on the first listen, it grew on me as I listened to it a few times. The harmonies and vocals are well blended and the lyrics have substance. It's not what I would consider a true country album, leaning more on the pop side of things while still just enough over the line to be labeled country. But overall it is a very good debut project.

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