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Cowboy Crush - Where I Come From
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Cowboy Crush is the type of CD you like to review. Why? It is a truly great set of songs that sound like good Nashville modern country that takes no prisoners. All it takes is a few listens and you are singing the songs to yourself because of the great hooks. This CD starts out cooking with "Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart", with an on-the-spot a cappella beginning, the instruments come crashing in and this CD is flying. This first song is Nashville Radio hit material. A real upbeat song that leaves you in a good mood and wanting more, what every great CD should have as the opener.

I love the simple colorful logo on the cover of the CD. Only downside, wish that Curb had included more info, only thing I do know is that the main characters in this musical story, Trenna Barnes, Debbie Johnson and Renae' Truex, have put out a rockin' winner. I can not help but think of the Dixie Chicks exciting "Wide Open Spaces", as I listen to this, just the freshness, the energy.

They slow down a bit on a beauty of a ballad, "He's Coming Home", a story about a soldier and the family waiting at home, a magnificent song, with a real intimate delivery.

"Hillbilly Nation" will get you up and dancing again. There is great fiddle on this CD, via Renae'. Some nice country lyrics too. These gals can flat out sing, great piano too. They sound like a band that would be fun to see live.

Slowing down again is a sweet slow ballad called "Cowboy Crush", love the story about a small town guy. Just a great song. Hey, serve me up a Cowboy Crush, these three beauties are the real thing.

From their first practice in a garage in "03 to where they are now, traveling around the country, opening for bigger acts, I just cannot see why or how, a label could go wrong with this great sound, sure, it is a "Nashville" genre, but with their signature all over it.

Alright, one more song that is extraordinary, "Tougher Than a Man" is a killer ballad about a single mom and what she endures to get by. Some great harmonies and fiddle. This really just deserves to be in your CD player. A classic, big sound, yeah, "Cowboy Crush".

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