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Dan Tyminski - Wheels
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

This latest CD by Dan Tyminski titled Wheels, is delightful and a joy to listen to. His main band here is himself on guitar and vocals, Adam Steffey on mandolin - Barry Bales plays bass - Ron Stewart on banjo and Justin Moses on fiddle. This is a very talented bunch and the recording is refreshing with vocals and lead instruments and a touch of compression and reverb. The CD reflects a real live sound, like a one take recording. The vocals are a hi point of the recording,  Tyminski's vocals are very captivating .

"Making Hay" is a slow song that is real emotive and has vocals that make one think. Some real nice fiddle here.

"Who Showed Who" has a real nice melody with a hi lonesome type of sound. Real nice Mandolin. The banjo of Stewart is used great as a rhythm instrument. Love the fiddle break, nice stuff. Vocals really shine, especially on the chorus.

"It all Comes Down To You" is a real treat, written by Ron Block with Block playing guitar on the track.

"How Long Is This Train" - I really love this song, a melodic treat, with Vince Gill on tenor vocal, the song has a sad undertow, The man has just been told of his son's death in the war. The sad fiddle part really adds to the mood of this classic bluegrass, mountain track.

I think Tyminski showed everyone with his version of "Man of Constant Sorrow" that he could sing, on this solo album he is showing me a real argument for him becoming a solo artist. This album is every bit as good a quality as Alison Krause and Union Station, yet here Tyminski is more than just a lead singer of a group, well, it shows that he can be the focal point of an album. His vocals are emotive and they are so relatable, he draws you into the song. Tyminski does the intangibles, that only a great singer does. His group here is every bit as good as AKUS, but I don't miss Alison.

The disc was recorded at Omnisound in Nashville, also some recording done at Dan's Picking Parlor and Seventeen Grand. Mastered by Bill Wolf of Wolf Productions, this CD has the sound of a major label, but then I would have to say that Rounder Records is quickly becoming a major Label. 

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