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Waiting In The Wings!

Danielle Tucker  
By: Juliette Vara , CSO Contributing Journalist

Crank up a good country song and just wait for Danielle Tucker’s smile to flash. Trust me, it won’t take long. Now combine that with a fresh cup of coffee, and it’s likely you’ve just made her day. “I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee everyday,” she jokes. I can’t tell whether the coffee helps ignite her spunky and adorable personality, but if I was a bettin’ gal I’d say it’s a born gift just like her soulful voice. “As a kid I loved performing and being the center of attention,” she recalls. At 15 years old, Tucker found herself center stage on Ed McMahon’s Star Search. That was her first taste of stardom, and it’s clear the stage is where she belongs. “As a kid my brother and I would do these living room shows and sing Michael Jackson. We loved him,” she recalls. The King of Pop may have inspired Danielle years ago, but now at the age of 30 she’s got her own act to perform.

The Danielle Tucker Band is gaining popularity among country music fans in Southern California and has opened for musicians including Keith Anderson, Jamie Johnson and Ashton Shepherd. “I’ve started to get phenomenal opportunities,” the singer says. “Now I have this tremendous momentum going.” Momentum that started in 2008 when she won two separate talent contests hosted by KSON, a San Diego country music radio station. This year it’s all about keeping that energy alive and investing in her dreams. She’s trained with singing coach Ron Anderson, who’s worked to perfect the skills of stars including Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson and Seal. “My goal is to get out and gig as much as possible. We will accept every invitation and treat every show like it’s the big one,” Danielle says.

Her four song EP showcases the singer’s edgy, powerful voice. “I tend to be more bluesy, definitely country to the core.” “Every Woman”, “Fallin’ Up”, and “Touched” embody a ‘girl power-can do’ theme. They’re fun, catchy tunes with just the right amount of sass to grab and keep your attention. Danielle tones it down for “Just Let Go.” Her emotional, sensitive side delicately filters through the lyrics. It’s almost impossible not to feel connected to her and the meaning behind the words in this love song. “For me, when I’m causing some kind of emotion in someone it means a lot,” she says.

In terms of talent and appearance, Danielle is a real life oxymoron. Her strong, full-bodied voice comes all wrapped up in a petite, 5’2 package. Her cowboy boots add an inch or two to her small frame, but its the entertainer's voice and growing confidence that carries all the weight and commands your attention. “The best compliment I can get is when someone says I gave them goosebumps during a performance.”

Even though no one else in Danielle’s family is a born musical talent, she does credit her parents for their country music influence. “Both my parents were country music fans,” she says. It also helps she was raised in San Antonio, Texas, home to some of the best honky tonks in the state. While San Diego County is now home to the rising star, she and her husband, Chuck, have found their own piece of country amidst the surf and city life. They live about 40 miles outside of the city in Ramona. Horse farms line the landscape in this back country community, and it’s the perfect place for this musician to call home. “We have a home on a two acre piece of property, and we just love it. We love the country feel of things,” she says. It’s a small, tight knit community filled with people that have quickly become her biggest fans. “The town comes out to all the shows. It’s a huge confidence booster when someone recognizes me and says hi. It reinforces what I do,” she admits.

At the rate Danielle’s going and with the vocal gift she shares, it’s only a matter of time before even more fans latch on to her. “I hope in the next 5 years, I’ve built my career enough where I’ve become more of a national act. I want to be in the studio with other musicians and writing. If we sit down again then, I hope that’s what I’ve done.”

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