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Jeanette Williams - Thank You For Caring
By: Jim Moulton

Jeanette Williams has been singing and writing music for quite some time, and she is one quality singer, with quality material. Yet she is different, one listen to this CD and you are headed for another era, for her sound is not the thudding bass of the current bluegrass band, rather she sounds like she is from another era with her beautiful voice and old time harmonies.

What is the stand out here besides her vocals, for me it is the quality, relative songs which have great melodies.

"Break The Chain" is a beauty about breaking the chain of family errors and habits.

"Thank You For Caring" (with George Jones) is remarkable, about the Katrina story.

"Your Memory Wins Again" is another winner which she sings in her sweet way.

I love "Either Way, I'm Going Home", these songs just have the brilliance of simplicity built into them.

Williams has been writing songs with her husband for quite awhile and it works. She is based out of Danville, VA and has toured the United States, Canada and Europe and she is currently on Blue Circle Records.

This CD has 14 songs on it and no throwaways, so many records have throwaways, this is a carefully thought out record with a warm production that has an analog sound to it.

One more song that I will recommend is "I Forgot More Than You'll ever Know" (duet with Michelle Nixon.)

If you like bluegrass or mountain music, this is one disc you must check out.


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