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Waiting In The Wings!

Joanna Smith  
By: Jim Weaver, CSO Editor in Chief

If you looked up "refreshing" at merriam-webster.com you would find the following definition;  refreshing: agreeably stimulating because of freshness or newness. Accurate yes, but it's missing a few things, like Joanna Smith's photo, voice and personality. OK, here's the story; one day a few weeks ago I was surfing around myspace, answering emails, approving new friends, just trying to catch up (which is pretty much impossible) when I saw a picture of a new video produced by a friend of mine, Glenn Swietzer of Fresh Film + Design, of newcomer Smith. As I have done on many occasions in the past, I clicked on it to watch who belonged to this beaming smile. Turns out it wasn't a music video but more like an introduction shot to show off the overall talent and personality of Joanna Smith... I was stricken.

Southwest Georgia's loss is our gain as the talented Smith relocated to Nashville at age 18 for a short stint as the lead singer of Mustang Sally. When that gig didn't work out she decided to stay a while, soon landing a publishing deal with Big Borassa Music and has had two songs picked up on Billy Ray Cyrus' latest CD.

Her own self-titled debut CD probably wasn't produced by any big Nashvegas names you would recognize, it's only for sale (as I understand it) at her live shows.  Smith doesn't have an official website yet, no fan club that I know of but I promise you, if you watch this video below and don't become a fan of this lovely young lady, then you don't "get" country music.

So logon to your myspace, make her your friend too, and follow along with a budding career that I predict you will one day be able to say, "I knew her when."

Joanna Smith is the real deal, some might say, refreshing.

Joanna Smith - Interview

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