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Megan Munroe - One More Broken String  
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Megan Munroe. Remember the name, as she’s sure to make a lasting impression. Her latest, “One More Broken String”, is a 12 track confident arrival at your music store. Sure and poised, she hasn’t relied on lyrical pen pushers, those who sit 9 to 5 huddled over a collaborative desk churning out tunes to country music hopefuls. She doesn’t need them. She writes her own songs. Ambitious and assured, it’s a brave move, given the reluctance of radio to push and play unknowns, and it’s more of a gamble when the tunes come without a prestige songwriter’s credit. But Megan Munroe isn’t out to play by the numbers or join her game by the dots. She is forging her way to recognition with one obvious trait: talent.

Blessed with a voice melodic and country, this former Washington native who now resides in Nashville, is, if you need a comparison, more Ashton Shepherd than Taylor Swift. It’s a style and voice winning international radio spins, along with local fan and media interest. And why not? Her commercial debut is a fitting entrée to her years of determined effort.

“As a child, I wrote plays, songs and Broadway shows. I was the kid who always had her head in the clouds and dirt in her hair,” she tells at her website. Now with her long-time writing partner Brian Oaks, the recently married 25-year-old, has proven that her childhood obsession has paid off with a varied and classy result.

Speaking of her website, what a shame, my many (many attempts) to log on to read her lyrics were denied to me (and others?) – despite the fact I had signed up as required.

Anyhow…sigh…that frustration aside this is an expressive and infused album. With a neat and nifty session band and respected producer Doug Deforest, Megan Munroe hits her intended bullseye easily with shades of Americana, blues and country.

Standout cuts include the deceptive “Angel On My Shoulder (devil on my back,” the up-tempo and latest single to radio “Moonshine” and the reflective “Leavin’ Memphis.” “Memphis” with its tale of a going and gone boyfriend, one who hits the road in our heroine’s new Chevy, fuelled by her pinched purse, receives his just retribution when she finally catches up with him married and shacked up. The closing cut, “Lonely Tonight”, etched with a plaintive mandolin, is a sad tug on the heartstrings, again, showing the diversity of this up-and-comer.

Remember the name. Megan Munroe will impress.

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