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Misti Long - Misti Long  
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Misti Long has a lot more going for her than just good looks. Talent, for one thing, comes to mind. She may hail from small town Dawson Springs, Kentucky, but her self-titled debut three-tracker shows a big and refreshing energy while adding a new name to the country roster.

While some of Long’s talent trail remains a secret –regular readers will know of my quirky, but well-founded, annoyance with artists hiding their bio details; I mean why tease in the publicity blurb “she’s kin to a very famous writer and singer” and then not tell us who – ho hum. That aside, I do know one thing. This gal can sing.

And that, dear reader, is no secret.

Painted as a blend of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson, her publicity flier is not far from its intended mark. There is a raw and driving blend of country fuel in all Long delivers. Her voice can soar. Her voice can calm, all the while holding listener interest. And, given the competitive forces at play at radio, you need every hook and handle to have a hope of a chance, let alone a career.

And it’s a career Long wants.

She has played the fairs. She’s played the halls. She knows the jamborees. She’s done the tip jar gigs. Now it’s time to check out the real possibilities. This extended–play proves she’s ready.

The album opens with the harmony-rich nod to the power of love against a backdrop of a glow, river and a Kentucky nightfall, the moody “Madness Of The Moon”. The song, well favored by her on-line fan club, is the track currently enjoying radio interest.

“Watch Me Drive Away” is one of two songs here penned by Long. Produced by Gene Higgins, the track, hard-hitting and biting with female independence, strikes a blow for a woman who sees clearly that the rut of routine is not for her.

The CD rounds out with “Always, You Know Who”. The melodic ballad shows a crafted appreciation of radio-friendly and fan-drawing interests. Long’s voice aches with the needed emotion, making the track, to my ears at least, the strongest cut and the one that if picked up could lead somewhere.

The album is available now. All three songs can be heard and purchased at Misti Long’s Myspace site listed below.

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