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Sunny Sweeney - Heatbreakers Hall of Fame
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Sunny Sweeney is a very attractive young lady who has an exciting old time sounding country record, an emotive country voice and a set list of twelve very good songs by herself and some of country's best, including Jim Lauderdale. Sweeney has a way with a song, and this Texas country soundin' band cooks with some great chickin' pickin' and plenty of great pedal steel and country fiddle.

The songs on Heartbreakers Hall Of Fame range from rockabilly to hot Texas swing. I love the sound, her vocals are real country, like guitars and pedal steel. She really reminds me of... nobody, but I love her sound.

This disc will definitely get you moving with a lot of upbeat country rockers. Produced by Tommy Detamore and Tom Lewis, and co-produced by Sweeney. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tommy Detamore, who does way more than an adequate job on this old timey masterpiece.

The CD starts out rockin' with a song called "Refresh My Memory", this song moves real well and is the sign of things to come, with an acoustic/ electric sound. "Lavender Blue" with Jim Lauderdale is a very good country love song. Sweeney has such great control over her vocals, and the country accent is real.

Growing up in East Texas, Sweeney was fronting her first band in 2004, doing what she says is the "hardest she ever worked in her whole life, but loving it".

Her Label, "Big Machine", is a good label for an artist like herself. She really sounds like the real thing, "If I Could" is a hot song that is super fast and definitely sounds like a live track.

"16th Avenue" - This song ends the disc, she shows how she can sing a slow ballad. What a voice, nice harmonica here. A song about people following their dreams. Some more great country guitar.

What else can I say, but Sweeney is a refreshing artist, and this whole album refreshed my memory.

Check this one out!

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