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Susie Warley - Naked Dreams
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Easy on the senses is how I would describe it. The second album from Texas songbird Susie Warley is an easy toned album. First: there are the vocals. There’s no microphone grabbing, belt-em and leave-em vibrating pop crossover here. The voice is stylish and charmed.

Warley plies her trade with an album best described as varied. Across these 14-songs, the breathy but controlled vocals deliver on a range covering the eclectic shades and elements of country music. Produced by John Inmon, and supported by a polished and primed band, Warley highlights her talent with 12 self-written tunes for the project.

For this mother of two sons, who also holds the distinction of a Bachelors' degree in English, her heart is clearly and keenly on display. Naked Dreams is a revealing take on tugged battles of love won and sometimes lost. When Warley sings,” I bare my soul to you in a song; I got no secrets, no ghosts taggin along,” it sets up a lyrical journey that’s listenable, charmed and melodic.

The album does not stray too far from that path. The overall sound is consistent, with some stellar music moments: the guitar solo in “Time to Fly” is note perfect, sharp and smooth, while the Shake Russell co-write “Bird And Stone”, featuring his harmony with its uncanny Cat Stevens similarity, is a standout track.

Cuts like “Bed Of Tears” a fiddle-etched heart-puller, the rockier “Can’t Find My Way”, and the odyssey of the examined life in “Simple Things” round out the overall appeal.


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