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The Wreckers - Way Back Home - Live From New York City
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Some groups are around for years to make great music to encourage us and to get us up. Unfortunately, this is not the case with The Wreckers, the tremendous combination of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.

A couple of years ago The Wreckers made a great studio CD called Stand Still, Look Pretty, which was a huge hit. Then the gals hit the road for a long time. Their music was modern country with sweet harmonies and songs that were killers, including the title track, along with "The Good Kind", "My, Oh My", "Tennessee" , "Crazy People" and many more.

After touring, they made this great CD/DVD combo titled Way Back Home: Live From New York City which takes these same songs plus three new ones to new heights. On my DVD player and stereo, the recording is like they set up in my living room to play, just great, live and kickin' country music with a real hot band accompanying them. There was just a tremendous chemistry between the girls and the band. The ballads showed new life and the rockers got the crowd really going.

This two disc set is something really worth having, and it only costs the price of one CD. I watched it two times straight through. Just couldn't get over how good it sounded! Branch and Harp not only sing but they play guitar too, plus they had an array of beautiful guitars to choose from. Sometimes they just sang. Honestly, their style was a lot like the Dixie Chicks of the "Wide Open Spaces" Days. We need another band like that. This is so well done, the project is produced by Neo Doyle. The CD sounds real good too. The sound like they have been singing together forever. Well, now they have parted ways, but The Wreckers was a project that has a real lasting quality, this is a CD/DVD without a bad song.

Need something to get you movin' again, this is great country music!

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