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Allen Brown and The Long Hard Ride Band- Natural Disaster
Album Review by Connie Breeden, CSO Staff Journalist

In his bio, Brown says he "has stayed true to his love of 'Real Country Music' but has added his own flair that he refers to as 'allentude'". If you aren't familiar with "allentude," than you obviously haven't met Allen Brown, probably never been to Texas, and certainly haven't heard him with his marvelous new band.

Don't let the title of this album fool you. There isn't one disaster, natural or otherwise, on any track of this CD. It has all the components of a hit album, besides, I decided from the git go it might not be wise to utter a disparaging word about any band that comes from Gun Barrel City, Texas. All kidding aside this is the best album to come across my desk in several months.

As I listened to this album, I did find myself wondering if country super star Tracy Lawrence might have a twin because lead singer Brown sure sounds a lot like him on several tracks. By the way, from where I stand, that is a very good thing.

I have only one word to describe "One More Day To Live" and that is WOW! I predict this song will be a big hit for this band. It definately got me thinking about what I would do if I had just one more day to live. By the end of the song, I had already picked up the phone and began making calls to my loved ones.

"Jack and Jill," "Down Home Dixie Dust," and "Hugs and Kisses" are just a few songs on the CD that are guaranteed to get you in a boot scootin', two steppin' state of mind.

"Beerheimers" is defiantly one of those songs we can all relate to when we've had a good night out at our local honky tonk. It was easy to imagine myself sitting at the bar, popping the top on a cold one, singing along with the band, losing my keys, hollering at the bartender for "four more to go!" Well, you get the idea, it's a great song.

After listening to the entire album, I totally get the "Allentude." Every single song had me dancing around the house and singing along. The only "Natural Disaster" I see in the future for the Allen Brown and his dynamite band is the Texas sized tornado that will be created by the fans as they rush to get a hold of this CD.

The Long Hard Ride Band consists of Drew Bello (lead guiatar), Bubba Dobbs (drums), Nate Adams(Bass/Vocals), Russell Page(steel guitar).



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