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Megan Linville, Danny Wells, Thom Shepherd and Trent Willmon at The Bluebird
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Notorious for booking incredible songwriters that showcase their talent, Nashville's famed Bluebird continues to perfect their track record.

Recently, Megan Linville, Danny Wells, Thom Shepherd and Trent Willmon performed a Bluebird round together, going above and beyond, entertaining the crowd with their delightful voices, lyrics and wit.

Shepherd (left) kicked off the round, playing fan favorites such as "Riding With Private Malone," recorded by David Ball, and the number one hit made famous by Craig Morgan, "Redneck Yacht Club." While telling stories about how certain songs evolved, Shepherd noted that on one of his armed forces tours, he wrote a song with five other songwriters in a tent. He was wrong when he figured he would never play the song again after that day. It quickly became one of his most-requested songs at shows; therefore, it would not have been a complete night if Shepherd had not added "DJibouti" to the mix.

Linville (right) stood her ground as the only female, belting out powerful, influential songs such as "Gone," about a tough breakup, a few uptempo fan favorites including "Over You Tattoo" and "Up for Anything" that she had written, as well as "Homespun," which she noted will be on her next album. Linville really captivated the crowd as she sang one of Shepherds' remarkable ballads titled "I Am A Woman," which gave her achance to give the audience a sample of her remarkable voice.

Wells is known for the suave love song, "Check Yes or No," released by George Strait in 1995. Other well-known songs of his include Craig Morgan's "Little Bit of Life" and several hits made famous by Rascal Flatts such as "These Days" and "While You Loved Me."

"On Again Tonight" is one of Willmon's (left) trademark songs. Although he did not write it, he sang it at The Bluebird per the request of a fan in the audience. Willmon wrote several songs which were recorded by artists such as Bobby Pinson, Montgomery Gentry and Joe Nichols.

These four songwriters, who appear to be very comfortable together, put on an incredibly entertaining round at the Bluebird. Not only did they have a great time performing, but the audience obviously loved it too.

Group shot taken with a phone camera! (l-r) Trent Willmon, Megan Linville, Thom Shepherd and Danny Wells.

Danny Wells

Megan Linville

Thom Shepherd


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