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Cody McCarver - Benefit Concert for Operation Troop Aid
By: Connie Breeden - CSO Staff Journalist
Photos by: Leland Colley

As a certified "military brat," I want to give Cody McCarver a heartfelt "hooah" for stepping up to the plate in support of Operation Troop Aid.

Upon arrival at the VFW Post 5266 in Morristown, Tennessee I found the very talented singer, songwriter McCarver outside of the venue, in the parking lot, extending a cheerful and sincere welcome to everyone.

Despite a very intense schedule of events, he set aside time to do a brief interview with CSO prior to the concert.

The first question I asked him was why do a benefit concert for the troops when there are so many other organizations out there in need of help? His response was instantaneous and forthright, "It started when a friend of mine, Mark Woods, the founder of Operation Troop Aid, invited me to play at one of the benefit concerts. I knew right away this was something I wanted to continue to do to show my support of our military. This organization sends packages to the troops to let them know we, here at home, have not forgotten them and we appreciate they are fighting for our freedom"

I asked him if he saw himself doing any USO tours over seas and, if so, where would he like to go? Without skipping a beat he replied, "Yes I do, I would love to, and I would have to say Europe. It's one of the places where the troops are briefed before deploying to a war zone. I want the troops to know they are not alone, right or wrong, I'm here for them like they are there for us."

When I asked him if he had only one thing to say to the troops, what would it be, his immediate response was, "They are America. The troops are what keeps us going and I support our troops no matter what."

Troop Aid is not the only organization that keeps McCarver busy. He dedicates a lot of his time to being a spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, "speaking out to children of all ages against drug abuse and peer pressures" he said, "I like being involved in anything to do with kids."

McCarver just finished filming the movie "Cole Younger and the Black Train," where he plays the part of the infamous outlaw, Cole Younger. The movie will be out in January 2011. His newest single "I'm America" was just released to radio in August and the video has already made it into the top twelve on CMT Pure country countdown.

I would say exciting things are happening for McCarver and, after talking with him and watching his performance on stage live, it's easy to see why his fans have formed the CMC,the Cody McCarver mafia. I have only one question left, Where do I sign up?





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