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The Cowboy Heroes - There’s More To Country Music
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

The cowboy way. It starts with the imagery, rich and big, of the campfires, the ready steeds, and the life that unfolds from the saddle point of sauntering the lonely trails. And, of course, there’s the music.

The Cowboy Heroes is a vocally tight harmony unit, one that can craft a tune with passion, feel, swing and attitude. The six-piece outfit hails from Oregon, where with a steady stream of bookings and interest, the fan base is growing.

The band – main songwriter, singer and guitarist Ted Martin, bass, upright and electric, Duane Ransom, mandolin, guitar and vocals, Peter Lupi, drummer, Ned Failing and vocalist Sharon Martin – label themselves as pure, unique Americana.

It is a good description. It’s one that fits. This album is a honky-tonk easy and jukebox popular affair. It’s an album made for beer and sawdust surroundings. It’s an album by guys and a gal who know how to play, sing and touch with a sound that recalls another timeline.

Standout tracks include the BR5-49ish sounding “Hey Little Sister”, “Last Time I Saw Her”, the title cut, and “Welcome To My Home” with it’s outlaw image of beer, Waylon, Haggard and a call to observe the no dress rule.

This album took a time to cross our desk. But now it’s here, at CSO we’re unanimous – our heroes are cowboys. It’s the music. It’s the songs. It’s the cowboy way.



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