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Easton Corbin 
Live at Billy Bob’s Texas

Connie Breeden, CSO Journalist
Leslie Lucas, Photographer

After a very long drive to Fort Worth, Texas, and winding our way through lots of traffic, we finally arrived at Billy Bob’s, the world's largest honky tonk. Luckily for us, Easton Corbin, one of country music’s newest artists on the Mercury Records Nashville label, would make the trip worth while. About one hour before the concert, Corbin met backstage with his fans. With his easy going personality and delightful sense of humor, he made everyone feel welcome and happy to be there.

After the meet and greet we made our way into the packed venue and just about the time when the fans were getting really restless, a bright spotlight hit the darkened stage and a soft, southern voice inquired, “What’s going on, Texas?” Everyone went crazy! The shouts, whistles, and screams nearly brought the house down.

Corbin kicked off his show with “The Way Love Looks,” one of the more up-tempo tunes from his new, self titled, album. After treating us to a medley of songs from his own album, he switched gears and gave us his rendition of his favorite Mel McDaniel’s  hit, “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jean’s On.” He says that as a youngster, he has fond memories of singing along with this song on the radio. He followed that up with “Roll With It,” the second release off his new CD, and it didn't take long before this Trenton, Florida native had the audience dancing in their seats and singing along.

"A Little More Country Than That" peaked at number one on the country charts in April of this year, making Corbin the first solo male country artist to send a debut single to number one since Dierks Bentley's “What Was I Thinkin' in 2003. Corbin will join Brad Paisley on his H20 World Tour which began this month.

One more thing before I forget, I was asked several times if the handsome Mr. Corbin is married. Sorry ladies, he has been happily married since 2006 or to put it in his own words, as he sings in his first country hit;
“I just want to make sure you know just who you’re getting under this old hat
'Cause girl I’m not the kind to two time or play games behind your back
I’m a little more country than that.



(L-R) Connie, Easton and Leslie


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