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Joanna Mosca - Keep On Going
Review By: Connie Breeden, CSO Staff Journalist

New York based Joanna Mosca, not only is a talented singer and songwriter, she's a loving wife and mother with a masters in hospital administration, an active member of "The Hunger Project," "Guiding Eyes for the Blind," and "Plan USA."

Determined to "Keep On Going," which happens to be the title of her CD, Mosca hopes to secure her future in the music industry by collaborating with song writers in "Nashville", who have written hits for Martina McBride and Rascal Flatts.

"Not Enough" was not only enough for me, it was perfect. Its a real feel good song that makes it impossible not to want to sing along. "A Good Distraction" another upbeat song on the CD, hit home for me. We all get wrapped up in our own little world, and sometimes we need a distraction to break out. This song will do just that.

"He Sang to Me" a tribute to her father, touched my heart, I thought of my parents, and all the love and memories they have given me." Mosca's music reaches out and touches your soul. As a mother, daughter, friend, dreamer and journalist, listening to the CD inspired me to "Keep On Going."



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