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Juni Fisher - Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck,' Let 'er Fly
Review By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, CSO Senior Staff Journalist

The extraordinarily talented, singer, songwriter, Juni Fisher, just might also be the most beautiful cowboy poet to ever saddle up and “Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck,' Let 'er Fly." Her newest album, like her previous project, is a historically accurate music tribute that chronicles the old west; this time, it is the Pendleton Round-up and the women and men of early rodeo.

Fisher was the recipient of the 2009 Western Music Association “Album of the Year” which is not at all surprising when you look at the very long list of awards that she has accumulated. In 2008 she received the Western Heritage “Wrangler Award” for Outstanding Western Album. That album, titled Gone For Colorado, was called “an epic journey and historical masterpiece.” It was actually inspired by her very own Great Grandfather and artfully told the story of his life. Have you detected a pattern here?

She has dug deep within herself and skillfully looked back over one hundred years of the Pendleton Round-up and, once again, it is clearly evident that Fisher's passion for the old west, and western music, is not simply a passing fancy, it is a way of life for her. Her fondness for all things western is clearly reflected in her every day life and the effortless way she delivers a viable cowboy history lesson with her incredible vocals and her trusty guitar, but then what else would you expect from someone who is on the Red Geetar Records label?

She is currently working on a documentary film titled The True Story of the Unsung Heroes of the West, Oh, You Cowgirl! It is the story of the women of early wild west shows and rodeos. Another album reviewer referred to how Fisher's “luminous intensity ignites her writing and her performances” and after just one listen to this newest album, you will fully understand exactly what she means. The dynamic Ms. Fisher has taken her passion for the old west and converted it into exciting, insightful, lyrical lessons of our proud and colorful heritage. To that I say, “Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'er Fly.”

Fisher's awards include the 2005 Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist of the Year, 2005 Western Music Association Crescendo award winner, 2006 Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year, 2007 WMA Song of the Year, 2008 WMA Songwriter of the Year, and 2008 Western Heritage Wrangler Award Winner for Most Outstanding Western Album.


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