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Kara Suzanne - Parlor Walls
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

The sophomore album of Kara Suzanne titled, Parlor Walls, is a very creative, relaxed, sometimes upbeat with a  taste of country selection which really caught my attention. Her first CD was received with much critical acclaim. Reviews from most Indie, singer songwriter mags and websites were all positive. I discovered some of Suzanne's songs on the No Depression website. The mp3s she posted there really sounded good, so I sent her an e-mail and she got back to me. Suzanne originally said she was not going to release any CDS, just mp3s and vinyl. Later on she decided to do a run of CDs, and I'm glad, cause I could really give it a good listen for a review.

I like to hear something that has an original touch to it, full of quality and that's what you get with Suzanne's Parlor Walls. Sometimes, it's like you are entering into another era. Suzanne's band, the Gojo Hearts are Jordan Scannella on bass, David Cien on keyboards, Steve Lewis on guitar, Bill Mead on drums. Kara Suzanne sings vocals and plays the acoustic guitar. Parlor Walls is very well produced and recorded by Bryan Pugh in an old church , turned studio by a lake in New York state.

Suzanne is an excellent song writer and her band is very serious about making the disc work. There are some nice YouTube videos about the making of the album. They really look like they are having fun in the studio.

My favorites are her upbeat country rockers and Steve Lewis is an excellent guitarist, he really plays some nice country flavored licks. On "Doses", Lewis' guitar really takes off and the piano is awesome on this track.

"General Henry" is more of an alt/rocker with some hot guitar. On "A Little Spin" you get some retro sounding country with excellent slide guitar by Lewis, great piano too. "Not Doin" is a real fast paced rockabilly type number, Suzanne's vocals are excellent here and Lewis takes off on some great lead guitar. By the way, this whole recording has a live feeling to it, very few overdubs.

Another song I really like is "Eyes Wide Open", an upbeat country/rocker that is upbeat and real tight, this group plays as one. The CD ends with "Wake Up With Me" , a great country/rocker that has a really nice texture to it. Some real nice backup vocals on this song, horns added to this track give a real retro feel to the song. 

This record will be out on mp3, vinyl and some CDs. Well, my suggestion for you, if you are likin' what I am talkin' about, go check out her website below and see if you like any of her mp3 samples. Personally, I think you will!


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