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Kelly Kenning - Broken Bones
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

I must thank the source. A shout out to Bobby Lopez, the award winning and genial host of the syndicated CD Tex Radio Show, heard on great American stations everywhere every week.

Lopez fronts his show, playing the best Texas country on the dial. Many of the artists played are, for a large part, unheard of except for their local regions.  However, there is no denying, they all share the same and distinct qualities – they all make great sounding music.

Kelly Kenning is no exception.

Kenning, a homegrown Texan, is getting deserved spins with his latest single, the cowboy lament, “Broken Bones”. The track comes from the waited-on album What A Cowboy Was.  

The song, a simple countrified tale of chasing rodeo dreams, is a hit waiting to happen. The disclaimer is as always: if radio see and hear the potential and play it, as Lopez and others are doing, the tune could grab hold for this singer and songwriter who released his first album in 2004.   

Kenning makes the misery a highlight. His voice, with this tune, comes made for a day’s end parked around a flickering campfire with a battered guitar. The ache is melodic, caring, sad and frustrated with all that a saddle sore life offers.

With a fiddle and an easy played guitar as backdrops, Kenning taps the song and wrings it clean with just the right amount of underplayed emotion.

Listen out for it.

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