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LoCash Cowboys in Joyland-Brandeton Florida
Concert Review by Connie Breeden, Staff Journalist

While visiting with my parents in Florida this past weekend, I was delighted to see LoCash Cowboys were appearing nearby. I'm always excited when able to catch up with this talented and extraordinary duo and I knew my parents would enjoy seeing them in concert. It's no secret Chris Lucas and Preston Brust are pure dynamite on stage but the high energy these two had in Brandenton was like watching a fourth of July fireworks show in the middle of November.

When I last saw LoCash back in Tennessee at the end of August, "Here Comes Summer" was topping out in the CMT and GAC top video's. Now the second song "Keep In Mind" off their CD titled This is How We Do It is out on radio and is rapidly moving up the charts.

Watching these guys perform never gets old since they are always adding something new to the show. This time they took the playful and rowdy audience back to the eighty's with their version of Prince's soft ballad "Purple Rain" before rocking out to some Motley Crue with "Home Sweet Home." Then, their unexpected special guest, a gal from the audience who apparently wanted to be a LoCash band member, waltzed up on the stage and grabbed Brusts microphone right out of his hand, while they were in the middle of their rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird". The whole place started laughing hysterically as Brust and Lucas looked at each other and out at the crowd and asked, "What just happened here?" It was definitely a Kodak moment, or as my photographer would say, a Canon moment. All I know for sure is if I had been able to capture it all on video, I would definitely be the $100,000 winner on ABC TV's Americas Funniest Videos.

The LoCash Cowboys have something new to be thankful for this holiday season. Just a couple of weeks ago they got a call informing them one of the songs they wrote, "You Gonna Fly," had been recorded by one of country's very talented, and best known artist's, Keith Urban. The song is the second cut on his latest CD, Get Closer. Urban's CD is in stores now. I can't think of a better way to end the year for two more deserving artists than with this news.

So just "Keep In Mind", if you should ever see rockets bursting in air, fireworks in the sky, on a chilly November night, it just might not be your imagination, it could be that the LoCash Cowboys are close by.

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