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LoCash Cowboys
Concert Review

Knoxville, TN - Cotton Eyed Joe's
By: Connie Breeden, CSO Staff Journalist

The LoCash Cowboys are a high energy, action packed, country duo that are guaranteed to rock any venue they step into. Once you've seen them perform live, you will fully understand why they decided to title their Stroudvarious label, debut album, This is How We Do It.
Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are two down to earth pleasant guys who first met in Nashville at the Wildhorse Saloon.  It didn't take long for what started as a casual conversation to develop into an extraordinary friendship.  With little more than a shared passion for performing and songwriting, the LoCash Cowboys set out to make a name for themselves If you’re wondering how they came up with such a clever name, It says on their website, “the core of the CD is a series of high-energy manifestos, songs that celebrate the unabashed fun of the LoCash lifestyle, the conviction that the best things in life are free or at least low-cash.”
They began writing, performing, and recording, selling more than 60,000 copies of their homemade CDs on their own. It wasn't long before they actually garnered an endorsement from none other than mega brewery, Budweiser. Brust and Lucas would soon become friends with Jeffrey Steele, one of Nashville's biggest names in songwriting. Steele may be best known for his powerful hits, “The Cowboy In Me," "What Hurts The Most," "My Town", and as a producer for Montgomery Gentry and  Keith Anderson. Much to their delight, Steele signed on as their songwriting partner and producer.
They proved themselves nothing less than amazing, on stage, when I saw them at Cotton Eyed Joe's in Knoxville, Tennessee. This dynamic duo kicked off their show with one of the most upbeat tunes from their album, "C-O-U-N-T-R-Y." I would compare the hyper energy they demonstrated on stage to none other than Garth Brooks and I predict they will be just as big!
They captivated the house with their rendition of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" before kicking it up a notch to give us their version of the Georgia Satellites, "A Little Change in My Pocket." Next came the beautiful ballad "Keep in Mind," written by Jeffrey Steele and Shane Minor, which Brust and Lucas say they totally can relate to. This will be the next single, debuting on radio September 20th.  To give the fans a voice, LoCash encouraged them to visit their website, listen to "Keep in Mind, write a letter telling what it means to them, and the lucky winner will actually receive a phone call from this amiable duo.

They ended the concert with "Here Comes Summer." This song was instrumental in putting them in the country top forty, and the video won them a top five spot on both CMT and GAC countdowns.

On their website it states the "debut, called This Is How We Do It, is a fitting introduction to a compellingly charismatic duo, a well-rounded CD that captures all the excitement of their stage performance while displaying a softer, more philosophical side as well," and after seeing them in concert, I couldn't agree more. I have only one thing left to say, “Encore.”

I would be amiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the great people at WIVK Mike Hammond and Cindy Arnold.

LoCash Cowboys with our Connie.


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