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Nick Verzosa - The Smoking Gun EP
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

You have to be a little envious. I mean, how many of us would love to slam the door on our workplace, grab hold and tightly grip a dream, and then with all the daring a great idea brings, start out on something we would love to do? Many people argue that if you can do what makes you happy, capital H happy, you never work a day in your life. Nick Veroza is proving them right. He is living the dream.

The youthful and good-looking Texan decided early in 2008 a life of music beat, and easily, the prospects of a gold watch and a warm handshake. If you are going to work, do something that makes you happy. For Verzosa energy and purpose came through music. His music.

As a lead-in to his debut album, Verzosa has released a five track extended play. Out now on Indie Extreme, The Smoking Gun EP boasts the talents of Walt Wilkins as executive producer. Wilkins has done a solid job, but then having a talented protégé must have helped. Verzosa is a workable package of guitarist, singer and promising writer. The tune doing the radio rounds, “Back When Love Was Easy”, proves the point.

It is a melodic ache. Wrapped in a voice blended with all the likeable qualities of a country tune – easy, relaxed and listenable – and with the understated presence of the band – Verzosa nails shared love that has travelled the distance.

The tune is enjoying high rotation on several Texas radio stations, and, as I write, the song is gathering momentum with overseas radio, including Australia. To add kudos, the 27year old also grabbed a top 10 nod to the song at the 2010 Spring Showdown during Tin Pan South 2010.

Packing more weight to his tunes and stage presence, Verzosa now fronts a band, The Noble Union. The gigs are starting to mount up; the fan base is starting to swell with 370 “friends” signed to his Facebook page, and a read of his publicity flyer and a look to his fan interactions shows someone committed to his music.

For this College Station, Texas, resident that commitment is on ready show. A listen to this EP shows a writer who, in simple and uncomplicated terms, conveys the energies of love and life. “Look Back To Texas”, “Let It Go” and the noted “Back When Love Was Easy” are standouts.

Make a mental note of this guy. Remember his name and listen out for his music. If you get the chance, go and see him. Givin the promise of this limited musical outing, Nick Verzosa has a lot going for him.

Many will be envious.

Two thumbs up from me.



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