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Steve Trent & Small Town - The Long Road
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

We’re not expecting to be discovered, but we are going to go to Nashville at least four or five times in the coming year, to play our music and try to get some attention.”
~Steve Trent: NUVO magazine.

I’m confused. Depending which photo you look at, this popular and emerging band from Indiana is either a five-piece or an eight-piece outfit. No matter and no worry. Size may matter for some, but to me these guys more than compensate with a sound that’s exciting, original and promising.

A look to their web site shows a fan–friendly band. And no wonder. These guys rock. In an article for NUVO, Trent gave a candid answer to the motivation of the unsigned band: “We’re doing this for the music and the opportunity to reach and meet as many people as we can. And we’re having fun playing for people.”

With their self-funded The Long Road album, produced by Mark Johnson, the even blend of balladry, rock and country shows Trent & Co may do doing their act for fun – for now – but their sound is proof enough that wider fame is within reach.

I first heard of the band when I received a sampler for my radio show. “Sounds Like A Plan”, the hotshot “should-be” hit of a single, complete with blaring riffs and a pounded backbeat, had my attention in a minute. Lead vocalist Trent nailed the tale of summer days, rum and cola and all the associated frills that chase beach, sun and surf with a voice that delivers with full country vitality. With 3 minutes and 17 seconds of toe-tappin, no frills, straight-ahead country crossover, there’s only one question: Why? Why hasn’t radio jumped onto this fan favorite and pushed it into rotation? But what radio leaves behind, fans quickly scoop up – a point well shown on the bands well-serviced Face Book page.

Whether the guys are hitting their straps with the rockier cuts – “Sounds Like A Plan”, “Turning It Up A Notch” or the driving tale of heated romance on “Way Too Hot Not To Handle” – or slowing to an easier cruise with “For Now”, or the honesty of “Loving You” or “I’m Right Where She Left Me”, this is a thumbs-up effort.

The album is available now.

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