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Clemson Goes Crazy for Turner, Nichols, and B&D
By Shari Anne Ether

You could feel the hum in the air, the anticipation. Josh Turner opened the show and seemed to feel right at home as he stepped into some very big shoes with a Johnny Cash tune. The atmosphere took on the feeling of a revival as the crowd sang along to Turner's first number one hit "Long Black Train."

Joe Nichols took the stage next. It has been amazing to see this talented young man grow so comfortable in his skin over the last year. He wooed the audience with hits like "The Impossible," Brokenheartsville," and "She Only Smokes When she Drinks." Nichol's teased the audience with a sampling of songs soon to be released on his much-anticipated new album. He conducted a sing along and the crowd went wild when he disappeared, only to reappear in a Clemson Tigers Orange Jersey.

The crowd came to its feet and stayed there for the next two hours when Brooks and Dunn exploded onto the stage. They never lost energy and the crowd sang every song as they were treated to a spectacle of huge screens that played B&D videos, and blow up Cowgirls riding bull machines. Dunn absconded with a crowd member's cell phone only to treat the listener to the rest of the show as he placed it up on one of the speakers and said "I hope you have roll over minutes." Every song was hit, from the opening "You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out of the Girl," to the ending "Only In America" with red white and blue streamers and confetti falling from the sky.

The new format of a more intimate show versus B&D's former "Neon Circus," was received with a standing ovation that lasted ten minutes. The entire show was smooth as silk and full of energy and talent that left the audience satisfied, yet wanting more. What more can you ask for?


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