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Chris Cagle - Concert Review
The Longbranch, Raleigh NC
By Shari Anne Ether

I will admit it right up front.  I have NOT been following Chris Cagle since the beginning of his career.  I am NOT a long time "Caglehead."  I am a recent convert to the Cagle camp.

My conversion was completed recently when I attended a meet and greet and concert at The Longbranch here in Raleigh NC.  I was headed backstage with the local radio folk when the we were told that he was not feeling well. As a matter of fact, he had spent 4 hours that afternoon at a local hospital treating a sinus infection.  Was he canceling the show? No way!  He was going through with the meet and greet and his only request was that there be no pictures please.

The six of us went back to meet him.  He did look tired and pale but as I shook his hand and thanked him in advance for his performance, that six million dollar grin broke out on his handsome face and I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat.  He told me that they had given him a shot and it was making him "feel puny" but that he would not miss the show for the world.

And what a show it was!  Two solid hours of pure country rocked the house, intertwined with heartwarming stories that showed the man's heart and humor.  A young man in a wheelchair sat in the front row.  Cagle paused to tell the audience that this young man had written a paper about him for school and that it had touched him like nothing else had.  Cagle hit his knees and vowed in a tear choked voice with his hand over his heart, in front of 300 people that he would never do anything in his life to make this young man ashamed that he had written the paper.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

On a lighter note, Cagle stopped the show again when he heard a woman call out to him.  His face turned red and he took a sip of water and asked "did you say that's my baby singing up there?" When she nodded the affirmative, he laughed that great belly laugh and said "I'm blushing like a five year old."  It was moments like these that won me over.  Talent yes, humor yes, great big huge teddy bear heart, ABSOLUTELY!  All together it makes one terrific package and another Caglehead has joined the ranks.


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