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Don Williams - Silver Turns To Gold
CD review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill 

The euphonious delivery of the twelve songs on Silver Turns To Gold is as comforting and recognizable as an old friend. Williams says that he selected songs for this CD that have special meaning to him. Although his choice of songs aren't signature Williams, nor signature country, they will be readily identifiable for a majority of country music fans. 

As his voice warmly resonates to the far corners of your soul, you will be transported on a gratifying journey down a musical memory lane. This album provides an eclectic platform for twelve great songs. Among them are "Pretend," first recorded by the legendary Nat King Cole in 1953, "Crying In The Rain" and "You've Got A Friend" written by Carole King, and the Gordon Lightfoot penned "If You Could Read My Mind." He also gives us his rendition of "Fever," which is synonymous with the late Peggy Lee. Even she, I'm sure, would approve of Williams' rendition. Remarkably, this album has the same characteristic as all great music; it can't be pigeonholed. Great music is great music no matter what the genre and this album aptly demonstrates the versatility of a true artist. 

You may think a compilation of this type would be a real stretch for a good ole country boy like Williams, but don't let his laid-back demeanor and effortless delivery fool you. He is a prolific show business personality. Williams is also a savvy producer and an industry innovator. He was the first country music artist to make a concept music video back in 1973 in support of his third single, "Come Early Morning." He is, by first-class industry standards, a consummate entertainer. 

For more than three decades now, he has garnered standing ovations in concerts around the world from Australia to Zimbabwe. His bio states that "there are few American classics these days, but Don Williams is certainly one of them," and I would enthusiastically agree. 

"'Til The Rivers All Run Dry," Williams' smooth as buttermilk baritone, and trade mark, personalized-like-no-other, Stetson will epitomize the best of all music ... of any variety. 


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