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Glenn Cummings - Big  
CD Review: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Every once in a while I receive a pre-release single, from a yet to be released album, that sets itself apart from the norm. "Big," from the debut album of the same name was one of those. This up-tempo, toe tapper has clever lyrics set to a contagious melody. I have been looking forward to receiving the full album so as soon as it arrived; I threw it in the CD player. I was not disappointed. After just one run through I have several songs on this debut effort by Glenn Cummings that I like equally as well as "Big" and a couple that I like even better. When I interviewed him at fan fair this year he told me that he went through about three hundred songs to find the eleven that ended up on his album. It is clear that his tenacity was worth it.

There are several quick tempo tunes on the album, and even an adequate dose of banjo for bluegrass fans, but my favorite two-stepper was definitely "Jeans." With its perfect rhythm and appropriate metered rhyme, it is destined to become a popular line dance. It is impossible to sit still while listening and the lighthearted music is pleasantly infectious.

When Cummings slowed the tempo down to sing "Loving You Is Easy," it was incredible. I'm sure that having this powerful ballad come up at the end of three barn burners had something to do with its impact but this is still a great song. He says that when he first heard this song he immediately felt goose bumps; when you hear it; it will be easy to understand why. His emotional rendition is sure to have the same effect on everyone who hears it. Same thing is true of "If I Was An Angel," another really beautiful love song. Although Cummings sounds great, and seems to have a lot of fun on the faster songs -- occasionally you even hear his enthusiastic vocal responses in the background -- on the slow songs, he really takes hold of your emotions and doesn’t let go.

The final cut on this album is "The Ones Left Behind." You definitely don't want to listen to this song without a box of tissues close by. In his "cut by cut" Cummings describes this song as "a prayer for us ... the ones left behind." Yep, you're going to need more than one tissue.

In a special feature that I wrote about the indie artists that I had met during Fan Fair, I said that I would "always remember Glenn Cummings, the handsome 6' 5" singer whose heart and talent are equal to his stature." I based that observation on one song and a first impression. Since that initial meeting I have learned a lot more about him and now I have also had the opportunity to hear his entire album. I'm pleased to be able to say that my first impression was accurate. If I made any error in judgment about his talent and personality, it might have been that I didn't give him enough credit because when it comes to Cummings, his talent and musical passion just might be even bigger than Big. I love this guy. I love everything about him. Do yourself a favor, buy his album. I promise you won't be disappointed.


If you missed my interview with Glenn Cummings, you will find it archived at: http://www.countrystarsonline.com/FanFairFeatures/GlennCummings.htm 


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