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Jill King - Jillbilly
Album Review: Natalie Bradley

Goodbye pop country, hello Jill King. Jill King's debut Jillbilly is a well needed breath of fresh air for Music Row and the country genre in general. Born and raised in Arab, Alabama Jill King's got a sound all her own, the songwriting skills one only dreams of having, and she's ready to share it all with the world.

Rarely does a cd capture my attention as quickly as Jillbilly did. From the honky tonkin' tunes to the heart wrenching ballads Jillbilly certainly delivers.  From the opening number,"98.6 Degrees", you get a clear picture of what kind of sound this cd is going to have and that is COUNTRY. No, it's not too country, no, it's not pop country, it's country music like it's meant to sound, soulful and honest.

Jill's voice resonates with sheer brilliance on songs like "Hand Me Down Heartache" and "Makes Perfect Sense to Me."  These definitely stood out to me as having the stamina to do very well on country radio. Not to say that those are the only ones that could. While Jillbilly delivers its share of up-tempo tunes, Jill King lends her voice to more than a few ballads worth your attention.

"The Part I Don't Understand" became a quick favorite and definitely had me hitting the repeat button on the stereo more than a few times. It's one of those songs with "universal appeal." Everyone's given their all in a relationship only to have their heart broken when the feelings aren't the same. The closing track "Down the Fields to Hay" was dedicated to Jill's grandparents and really shows off King's songwriting abilities. It is a soulful ballad that shows the decline of the farmer and letting go of what you've known all your life.

No matter which track you choose Jillbilly has something for every listener.  I can't say enough good things about Jill King she has truly won me over. She's got the total package and I can't wait to see how bright her star is going to shine.


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