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Concert Review
Joe Nichols Rocks "The House"
By Shari Anne Ether

Friday, October 17th
Virginia Beach survived Hurricane Isabel, but when Joe Nichols played The Beach House Friday night there were no survivors. Nichols swept in and bombarded the crowd with wave after wave of hits old and new. During his chart toppers, "The Impossible," "Brokenheartsville," "She Only Smokes When She Drinks," and his recent release "Cool To Be A Fool", you could barely hear Nichols rich baritone above the crowd as they sang along.

During "Revelation," however, which will appear on his next album, you could hear a pin drop. It is a chilling and daring selection for such a young artist but Nichols owned it. 

The crowd rode the sea of fast paced fun loving tunes like "Family Tradition" and "Everythings a Thing." The encore included this journalists personal favorite "Blues Man." 

It has been such a pleasure to watch Nichols and his yet to be named band, which includes his best friend and lead guitarist Brian Spradlin, mature this past year. It is like the difference between a ride on a row boat and a cruise ship. Joe Nichols, folks! Book your voyage soon and don't forget the life vests.

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