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Karen O'Shea - Wish
Album Review by Jim Weaver

I'm not quite sure how this has happened but over the last few years we Americans have discovered that country music is being played all over the world by people other than Americans! Hey we knew it was popular here but who knew that country music stars were going to be coming from other countries like Canada; Shania Twain, Terri Clark, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Aaron Lines and many more, all making or have already made their way to Nashville. But lately we've seen a new influx of talent from abroad... now, just like Keith Urban, it's rising up from the land down under, Australia. From what I've heard so far, some of these Aussie's are doing country better than some of the artists from this country. I would be embarrassed if it really mattered to me but frankly I don't care where they come from as long as the music is good.

Karen O'Shea isn't just good, she's great! You probably haven't heard of her yet and that's ok, up until a few weeks ago I hadn't either. I was introduced to Karen's music through her webmaster who just happened to read an article here on CSO and e-mailed me about it. (Thank God for the Internet) He told me to check out one of his clients sites and BAMMO, there she was in all her country-music glory. Then he asked me if I wanted a press kit to do a review about Karen and I jumped at the chance to hear her in full CD quality... so here we are. 

Karen's CD is titled Wish and I just listened to it all the way through, I loved it. I'll be leaving it in my gas-sucking SUV and listening to it again and again. Yes, I really like it that much. Karen has what I like to call a pretty voice, the kind of voice that you can close you eyes and just listen to. It doesn't really mater what she's singing because it's just going to sound... pretty.  It's not like I've made some incredible discovery that nobody knows about, Karen O'Shea is kicking a-- down under. Info from her website... "Best Female Vocal" at the 2002 Tiara Awards for "My Love Goes That Far", "Female Vocalist of the Year" at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards 2002 for "She Broke Your Heart". Karen’s second single on this CD “Prayers For You” is currently #3 on Country Tracks Top 30 with a bullet as of 04/29/2003. Karen is an honest to goodness Aussie Diva. 

Karen lists her musical idols as Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride which just happen to be two of the very best female vocalists in country music as far as I'm concerned. Guess what, I think Karen's right up there with her idols.

Stop by her website and get a little sampling of Karen's music for yourself and get ready to be very pleasantly surprised. Some of my favorites on the CD are "Hold Me Like A Lover", "That's A Lie", "Prayers For You", the honky-tonkin' "She Broke Your Heart" and the title track "Wish". www.KarenOShea.com

A note about Karen's website since that's how I found her in the first place... top notch web design by her webmaster Terry. It's a simple, easy to navigate, non-Flash site that looks great and has all the goodies the fans want. That's the way it should be done mate! Great job!

Australia is one of the places on this blue marble we call Earth that I've always wanted to visit, I guess because it seems to be a place where Americans like me would feel right at home. Now I find out they have great country music singers there so it must be a pretty cool country.

A thought kept going through my head while driving home from the station and listening to her CD... "I wonder if anyone in Nashville has started beating down her door yet?" One of the ultra-cool things about the Internet, even if Nashville never finds her, we did. 

Rating: Buy It!

Oh and Karen, if you get a chance to read this... since I'm pretty sure I'm the first one in America to write about you, when you get to the states I would like to be the first American radio DJ to interview you too. 
(Hey I can dream can't I?)

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