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Kenny Chesney - All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan
Album Review by: Cheryl H. Hill, Staff Journalist

With all the Christmas stuff going on display (at major "super stores" across the country) in September, by the time December rolls around, all I want for Christmas is for it to be over! I received this album about six weeks ago but I made the decision to not review it until December. This morning I decided to give it a listen. I hadn't heard any rave reviews about it so I really wasn't expecting much. What a delightful holiday surprise this album proved to be. I loved it. Every single song was wonderful. This is NOT a "country" Christmas album. NOT a "novelty" Christmas album. NOT "just another" Christmas album. This IS one of the best Christmas albums I have ever heard.

The title song, written by the multi-talented Paul Overstreet, is a rhythmical, fun, easy-listening tune that leaves you with a real good feeling, and Chesney's duet on "Pretty Paper," with country icon Willie Nelson, was especially delightful. Nelson wrote the song so who better to sing it with? Their rendition was so superb that it left you feeling like you might actually be able to forgive the major store chains for starting to celebrate Christmas back in July. Although they don't harmonize, their transition from one singer to the other is flawless and Chesney is able to match Nelson's unique, metered phrasing. Magnificent in it's simplicity.

Given half a chance by radio, "Just A Kid," written by Skip Ewing and Kent Blazy, which tells about the birth of Jesus from a different viewpoint (that of Jesus himself) could become a Christmas standard. It's a unique new telling of the oldest story. Superb.

All of the standard Christmas songs on this album are done well -- extremely well -- and except for the calypso beat on "Jingle Bells" and "Silver Bells," this album is representative of the very best of traditional Christmas songs. For me, "All I Want For Christmas (is a real good tan)" is already one of my favorite Christmas songs. But then, I'm from Las Vegas, so palm trees with Christmas lights is the norm and so is a real good Christmas tan.

Kudos to Kenny Chesney et all for their talent, creativity and vision. If you are looking for a perfect holiday gift for a special person ... look no further ... this album is it.



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