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Livin', Lovin', Losin' - Songs of the Louvin Brothers
Album review by: Cheryl H. Hill

It is not surprising that an album of this caliber comes from the most dynamic and innovative new label to take up residence in Music City in decades. Universal South Records, headed up by the incredible and creative Tony Brown and Tim DuBois, has joined forces with Grammy Award winning producer Carl Jackson and Kathy Louvin (daughter of
Ira) to produce a unique and extraordinary album.

Jackson says that he considers the Louvin Brothers to be "the greatest country music duo of all time!" Judging from the list of artists who sing on the album, the sentiment is widespread in the industry. The liner notes state, "The album features a stellar cast of collaborators." Even calling it a "stellar cast," may be an understatement. The artists who joined forces on this album read like a "who's who" in country music. You will hear legends harmonizing with new artists that you already know are going to be legends. This album is obviously a labor of love for all involved.

Although the music on this CD would have been enough for me to give it a four-star endorsement, there is so much more to appreciate. It relates a country music history that began in the late 1930's and is still going strong. Through the use of archived audio clips from radio, we meet the Louvin Brothers at the beginning of the album. Through the same technology, they introduce various songs throughout the recording. In keeping with the harmony tradition of their music, all sixteen songs feature more than one vocalist. Some of the pairings are surprising - even more surprising is how delightfully
they harmonized. Just reading the list of artists singing on the CD (below this review) impresses; moreover they vocally transport you on a great trip down a marvelous, musical memory lane.

Despite breaks to serve in the military during WWII and Korea, the Louvin Brothers career continued. Later, notwithstanding a music evolution (rock-a-billy) that urged them to betray traditional country and sponsor pressure that forced them to push their music beyond it's gospel roots, the brothers managed to carve a permanent and unique niche' in country music history. Even with a solid reputation as gospel singers, they were compelled to expand their repertoire when they joined the Opry in 1955. Their first success outside of the gospel realm was the classic, "The Get Acquainted
Waltz" (with Chet Atkins on guitar). Although they started their career in 1943, their first number one hit on the Billboard Charts didn't arrive until 1952 when Carl Smith recorded their "Are You Teasing Me." Decades later, in 1975, they would give an unknown singer by the name of Emmylou Harris her first hit with "If I Could Only Win Your Love."

With the release of this CD, a new generation will be introduced to the music of the Louvin Brothers and, no doubt, they will add many new fans. After all, who can't relate to Livin', Lovin', Losin'.

Charlie Elzer Loudermilk and Lonnie Ira Loudermilk - Charlie and Ira - or the Louvin Brothers - whatever you call them translates to "legendary." Livin', Lovin', Losin' - Songs of the Louvin Brothers is pure, certifiable, undeniable, totally buyable, musical perfection!

1. Intro To Charlie and Ira
2. Cash On The Barrelhead - Joe Nichols/Rhonda Vincent
3. My Baby's Gone - Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell
4. How's The World Treating You - James Taylor/Alison Krauss
5. I Can't Keep You In Love With Me - Vince Gill/Terri Clark
6. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face - Merle Haggard/Carl Jackson
7. If I Could Only Win Your Love - Ronnie Dunn/Rebecca Lynn Howard
8. When I Stop Dreaming - Glen Campbell/Leslie Satcher
9. I Wish You Knew - Kathy Louvin/Pamela Brown Hayes
10. The New Partner Waltz - Linda Ronstadt/Carl Jackson
11. Are You Teasing Me - Patty Loveless/Jon Randall
12. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby - Harley Allen/Dierks Bentley
13. You're Running Wild - Larry Cordle/Carl Jackson/Jerry Salley


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