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Malibu Storm - Debut CD 
Rounder Records
CD Review: Jim Weaver

I Love This Band... 'nuff said! 

Oh OK, I'll elaborate a little more. I had the chance to meet these fine young people a few months ago and heard them perform a few songs in a small intimate setting called a "conference room" at the radio station where I work. I was impressed. I've always said that there's nothing better than "sibling harmony" and the debut CD by Dana, Lauren and Michael known as Malibu Storm proves it once again.

Malibu Storm has been singing and playing together as professional musicians for about 8 years now but obviously they've been singing and playing together since they could. Why are you just now hearing about them? Simple, this is their first attempt at "main stream" country music. The brother and sisters trio have been performing in their native California for years as a Bluegrass band and you can hear it in their music. So what we have here is a band that can not only sing but they play their own instruments too... I love that!

What you won't find on this album, over-produced-Nashville-hit-machine-horse-hockey. What you will find is pure country music with a west-coast Grassy feel, great harmonies with good songs. If that's what turns your sound crank then this CD is a must have.

And no, you aren't seeing double, Dana and Lauren are identical twins, Michael is their younger brother.

Buy it right now!

Find out more at MalibuStorm.com 


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