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Ron Williams - Natural Thing 
CD Review: Cheryl Harvey Hill

As the flagship artist for Black Patch Records, a lot is resting on the shoulders, not to mention vocal chords, of singer and songwriter, Ron Williams. But I have a feeling that Johnny Slate, noted producer and longtime industry leader, isn't the least bit worried. A singer whose voice is capable of resonating through your psyche and playing your emotions like a harp doesn't come along every day. When one does, we call him Merle or Randy or Keith. Ron Williams might think his voice is a Natural Thing, I think it's his passport into an elite club of country legends. 

The first single to be released from the album, "I'm Tired of Being Something (That Means Nothing to You)," has a very special significance to Williams because his mother (Leona) joined him in the studio to sing the harmony vocals. In his bio he said, "I think that the music just soaked in through my skin without my knowing it." But after listening to the melodic vocal harmony on this particular track, it is clear that the music entered through his "genes." I really loved this song. It is a profound, gut-wrenching ballad delivered effortlessly with convincing passion and the lyrics are powerful in their honest simplicity.

From start to finish there is not a disappointing track on this album. This is classic country with the emphasis on class. Great lyrics, superb music and a splendid baritone that effortlessly conveys emotion. Whether it's a heart-wrenching ballad or and up-tempo toe-tapper, you won't be disappointed.

Williams was born just a few miles from Nashville but the route he traveled to music row was laden with detours that took him many miles, and many years, out of his way. Both of his parents were musicians and he witnessed, first hand, the price that had to be paid in pursuit of a music career. As a child, being on the road wasn't all that difficult but as Williams grew older; he decided that it was a price that he wasn't willing to pay. He was determined that music was not going to be his life but fate had other plans for him and after traveling a long and winding road in search of himself, he ended up where he started ... in Nashville, where he had unwittingly left his heart and country soul. Once he reconnected with himself, the next step was just a Natural Thing.



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