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Rustie Blue - Chip Chip 
CD Review: Jim Moulton

This album is Rustie's third CD. "Chip Chip", the song is a duet with Bill Anderson recorded at Sony Studio B, also the first single of the CD. Everything else was recorded at Mikron Studios in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. 

Rustie's singing is better than ever, sounding very strong, relaxed and confident. Mike Headrick, owner and producer of Mikron plays a couple of the instruments, steel, acoustic and electric guitars, plus mandolin and dobro, oh yeah, I heard him playing harmonica on one song. 

"Before I Fall", an Anderson song really catches my attention, great guitar, steel, backup vocals, this is a great song and full of great musical hooks. Joe Caverlee plays some great fiddle.

"Oh Boy" is another gem. Love the guitars, drums are really good, this is reminiscent of a Charlie Daniels Band song. Great fiddle and duel guitar work. Rustie's singing is live.

"Two Left Feet" is another great song that moves well. Rustie's singing is real animated. Great piano solo. Love the electric guitar, just a great song.

Mike's Country Discovery band sounds great. Bob Courter on drums, Tim Atwood on piano, Kenny Berry on bass, Jackie Harling and Jimmy Layne doing backup vocals plus Joe that I mentioned earlier on fiddle and Mike Headrick on everything else.

"Do Me A Favor" written by Becky Hobbs is a great country mid tempo song, some awesome steel and electric guitar on this song.

Wow! "Honky Tonkin 'Diva" penned by Rustie Blue and Mike Headrick, is a great up tempo traditional song that really cooks.

I love "Down To The Letter", just a great arrangement. Nice dobro. Real Haunting mood set by the song, Joe Cavarlee is incredible on fiddle.

"Smoky Mountain Queen" is a great acoustic country tribute to Dolly Parton.

"Satisfied" , a great country gospel song with some great backup vocals, plus Mike absolutely cooks this track on both guitar and steel. 

This is easily Rustie's best effort so far, her vocals are stronger and more confident. All of her years of touring are evident here. This is a great studio recording and production by Jeff Coppage and Mike Headrick. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the CD is a bit compromised by the mastering engineer. He mastered this for volume more than overall quality. He over compressed the whole mix, making it very loud, but also doing away with a lot of the original dynamics in the recording and also leaving in a lot of high mid-rangy frequencies which are not too ear friendly. I have sensitive ears and most people won't notice this as a lot of CDs today are mastered this way. 

In closing, Rustie has a real gem here, lots of good songs and good music.


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