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"Hop on The Twain" 
By Shari Anne Ether

May 1st, 2004 - RBC Center Raleigh, NC

From the moment that this "Twain" left the station, the ride was enjoyable and the scenery beautiful. Shania Twain hit the stage last night and, despite a terrible cold picked up from her son Eja, the energy did not stop from start to finish. Twain has the power of an Amtrak, combined with the homey feel of an old steam engine.

Her band reads like a little United Nations – an eclectic group of extraordinary talent from across the country and around the globe. Twain entertained the capacity crowd with hits old and new. Played "in the round," she circled the stage signing autographs for fans, taking pictures, and even singing her ballad "The Woman In Me" seated with her guitarist in the stands. Not her best vocal performance by a long shot but she apologized to the crowd in advance, and made up for her waning voice with unfailing energy and charm, admitting that "antihistamines make me dizzy," and asking the audience if "anyone has a tissue?"

Twain never failed to come across as the "Girl Next Door." Despite her superstar status, she became "one of us" when admitting to "eating boogers" as a kid and that in her opinion, "beer tastes like earwax." Dressed in a hip hop outfit of hot pink t-shirt and black silk pants tucked into high top sneakers that seemed to fit her funky, "down to earth" nature, despite the armada of cowboy boots and Wranglers filling the stands. To her credit, the audience consisted of as many females as males, all mouthing the words to Twain’s endless chart toppers.

When the "Twain" ride was finally over, you could not help but feel a bit let down as you do when any fun adventure ends – satisfied, yet still wanting more. Twain and her band will hit the tracks for a gig in Virginia Beach next week. Hopefully she will be feeling better but just in case, you may want to take a box of tissues…


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